Your First Response Was My Second Chance Campaign

Four Corners Community Behavioral Health, Inc. (FCCBH) wanted to run a campaign to show appreciation for emergency responders. Through Marketing Elevated, my internship, I was asked to create a media kit for the campaign.

The original design for some of the assets were of basic quality. The image above was the conceptual billboard for the campaign. I wanted to take this basic design and make it noticeable. The first thing I thought was to create a color palette that would represent first responders, but also stand out.

My original palette consisted of reds and gold. After some feedback from my mentor, I thought that red and blue would be a better fit.

Once I had a palette created, I was able to start on the media kit. The copy in the kit I wrote. The idea of the campaign wasn’t well formed at that time, so I had to work with the representative of FCCBH to come up with copy about the campaign, the target audience, and plans for the campaign.

After that I created 3 design styles. I was asked to create so many styles as FCCBH wasn’t sure what look they were going for at that time. I created one that would include more colors, one that would be more white while still including colors, and one that used white heavily. The FCCBH representative had a history of using white for designs which is why I included one style with more white.

With the styles formed, I made mock ups to better show each styles strength.

These were all compiled in InDesign and I had the complete media kit.


Campaign Media Kit