Taking Landscapes at Yellowstone

Taking Landscape photos is one of my favorite things about photography. Few places in the world make as great of Landscape shots as Yellowstone National Park! I had the chance to take an excursion up in Yellowstone and as I am sure you can see, the Landscapes around that area came out just fantastic. One of the tricks to getting an excellent landscape photo is to have a good understanding of foreground, mid-ground, and background. Thankfully, Yellowstone is an easy place to find exquisite landscapes that offer all of those elements. Between the geysers and mountains, Yellowstone landscapes are hard to beat.

A Steamy Stack in Yellowstone National Park.
A Star Burst by Buffalo River.
A Fire Sunset in Yellowstone National Park.
Sunrise at Buffalo River.
The Mountains and Trees of Yellowstone.
The Morning Breaks at Buffalo River

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