Taking in the Landscapes at the Grand Tetons

While Yellowstone may have great landscapes, the Mountains of Grand Teton National Park are just as dramatic. I love landscape photography, and few places are as dramatic as the Grand Tetons. For landscape photography, it really helps to have some contrast in the images and different colors to make the scene interesting. With the snow capped mountains and the yellow grass and green trees, this fall was a perfect time to take landscape photos of the Grand Tetons.

The Tetons during a cloudy day.
A free range horse by the Tetons
The reflection of a rock on the lake.

While the mountains at Grand Teton National Park are epic, so are the lakes and trees. This particular landscape shot with the rock and the lake almost looks out of this world and I really love the way it looked.

A Lone Leaf by a Green Lake
The Tetons in All Their Splendor

Despite the amazing reflective lake, I love this mountain shot even more. I thought that the angle of the hill with the trees in contrast to the majesty of this mountain made this particular landscape shot the highlight of my trip to Grand Teton National Park.

A Stream Bubbling by Trees

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