Getting the Best Out of Jade

I really enjoyed learning how to use speed flashes to create a studio quality look right on my kitchen counter. This is easily attained with the use of a flash or two placed at the right spot. And that right spot can be difficult to find. I needed the light to hit my subjects just right without spilling too much into the background. For the Jade statuette I had to use a reflector as well to give a nice edge light on the right side. I’ve had these jade peices for a long time and my family got them while stationed at Okinawa some 19 years ago.

Funnily enough, with the camera raw file, I could actually up the exposure enough to bring the background into view. It just amazed me and reaffirmed to me that shooting in raw is a great way to get the most pixel depth you could out of an image. Having that large amount of information stored allows one opportunity to do a lot in post. But besides the smoke be hind my little jade statue, and some slight color adjustments, there was not a lot that needed done in post production. Getting things right in camera is a good way to work and was for the most part how I got these images.

A jade statuette
A jade sword.
Erin doing up her hair
The “Studio”