Vincent Tools

My series that I took at Bannack was all inside one building that had an assortment of metal tools and objects. I loved how time had aged and rusted all these items and I felt that they were very photogenic.

Weird Metal Circles

I have no idea what these metal circles were or why they were there. But they made for an awesome bracketed shot of the window.

Prospector’s Tray

I actually knew what the tray was and thought it quite fitting that it was in an old mining ghost town. I felt that if I didn’t include a picture of that, I would be doing a disservice to everybody.

Barrel of Pickaxes

Pickaxes… wouldn’t be a mining town without at LEAST a barrel of them right? I thought so too. Simple photograph, shallow depth of field which made for easy shooting in the low light.

Metal Box

I was not sure what this metal box originally held but I loved seeing the detail in the dust with the shallow depth of field. I have been doing a lot of deep focus shots lately so it was fun to take a small break and do a series on objects much smaller that required a shallower focus to hone in on them.