A Handle on Time

I enjoyed this portrait. It was hard to get the light in his eyes with only the natural light and the wide brim of his hat. However, despite just the natural light, I think that I was able to get just enough light on his cheeks to provide a sort of “Rembrant” look to his face.

Wary Adversary

This was such a great room to shoot in. This is inside the Hotel Mead at Bannack Ghost Town and the yellow walls inside really popped with the help of the continuous light to the side. I love the catch lights that I caught in David’s eyes here.

Enemy Spotted

This was one of my first attempts at a bracketed Portrait. Notice the grain and noise in the photograph. This is probably one of my most stylized photos that I had and I love the vintage feel that this photograph brings, almost like a painting.

Wistful Realization

I love the expressions on the models faces here. The Husband’s is grim with realization that his wife is about to leave on a journey, and the wife looks excited for the trip oblivious to the feelings of her husband. Of course that isn’t really what is happening here but I love that I can read a story out of this shot. The reflector and speed-light here provide a wonderful source of light and provide much of the vignette that is pictured.

A Parting Kiss

I love this photograph almost (if not more) than the one above. I love how present the story is portrayed here and that you can understand with subtle clues, what is going on. Also, the Speed-light is again used to great effect.

Content at School

I didn’t love the school for shooting as much but I love how we used the window as a natural back light, a speed-light for the key light for the right side of the face, and a reflector for the kicker on her cheek. I think the “Rembrant” lighting again makes a showing here.

The Renaissance Posse

For some reason, this group picture in the natural light really came out will. Their faces are surprisingly well light for just natural light and I was struck that this posse looked rather like a renaissance painting of sorts. Each is doing something unique yet they are all together.

Bold and Brash

This is the use of a speed light with a high aperture to get her face to look dramatic and bold in the landscape. Compare this with below where the photo is weaker due to the lack of speed-light.

Not so Bold, Still Brash

Same epic pose, no epic speed-light. Although cinematographically this shot works, it isn’t nearly as dramatic for just a stand alone image. The speed-light really added some emotion to the image that is lacking here.

Pleased to Fight

I caught him with a smile. I’m pretty proud of that fact. This is another good shot in natural light where I got a good amount of light on his face despite that massive white hat.

Doggo of the Old West

I couldn’t not post this picture. It isn’t a portrait in the classical sense, but I thought this dog was too cute not to be featured somewhere on here, so enjoy.

A Fine Addition, I Assure

This was lit with a continuous light and although again it is not a traditional portrait I just loved the pose he took for this split second that I captured at what must have been the perfect angle. I purposely wanted this shoot to be green since he had a green vest, and a bottle of tonic that looked green. The green feel just seemed very pleasing to me and I love the details that can be seen in this photograph.

The Rebel’s Yell

This photograph is so cool to me. Another example of Continuous light with a wonderful background and a snapshot of action that came out surprisingly clear. I love getting to see his eyes light up and his face mid yell and the leading lines of his hand and gun drawing us both out and in to his face.