Shooting Goldfish Product Photography

For this shot, I wanted to return the Goldfish to their natural habitat. So out to a river I went. I’m not sure that Goldfish are actually native to mountain rivers, but you get the point.

I took many shots of this set up. I did some with long exposures and some with short. With a long exposure, the water looked smooth. With a short exposure, the water is frozen in a way you can see all the details. I ended up liking this shot which is a middle ground. Some details are frozen and some are smooth.

Goldfish Outdoor Product Photography

Kiwi Water Proofing Spray Product Photography

Bright red. That is where your eyes first go. I used the dark trees in the background of this product photograph in two ways. The first being to contrast the red of the Kiwi product. The second is to show the adventure that this spray can protect against.

Want to learn more about outdoor product photography? Here is a useful source.

Kiwi Outdoor Product Photography