Kiwi Wants Attention

I love taking “Macro” photography. It’s fun and especially with flowers and fruit it seems it always looks just so dang good! I used to hate kiwi fruit but I think it was because I had never really tried it before. Kiwi is now one of my favorite fruits and I was happy that this was one of my best shots that I took while doing macro this week. I love how the other fruit frames the shot and how the kiwi is only in the bottom right two thirds. It feels pleasing adn I love the detail on the “fur” of the fruit.

Afternoon Dew

I love the way the water droplets showed up on this flower. Sometimes, it can be tricky to have water stay on a flower but I think this was a fairly hydrophilic flower. At any rate, having the contiuous light on it really helped to get the shot and by shooting in RAW I was able to really pull the colors out in post to what they looked like.

Dragonfuit Crown

I really wanted to be able to see the dragon fruit on in the water droplet on top of the blueberry. It took a few shots to get right but I feel that I did a decent job on this one.

Smudge on a Blueberry

I love this shot for its composure and contrasting colors. I actually can’t stand the smudge of donut on the blueberry but I also think that is what really makes this shot so unique.