Macro Photography

For this series I worked on my macro photography. Doing macro shots typically requires a good macro lens which I was fortunate to have. I particularly enjoyed the use of the shallow depth of field that the macro lens offered to make these shots happen. My favorite macro shot was the shot of the purple flowers. I think that it is the most well composed of this series and I also think that of all my macro shots, it has the best use of color and framing. One thing that particularly surprised me during my macro photography shoot was how the ice looked on the frozen fruit. I was not expecting the level of detail on those but with a macro lens, the crystals of ice are easy to see.

Macro Photography Anchor
Macro Photography Berry
Macro Photography Strawberries
Macro Photography Book
Macro Photography Pens
Macro Photography Flowers

Here is a useful resource if you would like to learn more about macro photography.