This is a shortfilm I directed in Spring of 2019. I helped tweak the script and storyboarding a lot and was blessed to have a wonderful DP who had a lot of good Ideas on how to shoot this. We were a five person group but our editor ended up not having time to really contribute so I also did the editing for this film as well. It ended up being a lot of work and it won “Best in Class” from our shortfilm class at BYU-Idaho. 

Honestly, there are a few things I would go back and fix or edit if I had the chance. The main thing is the end. I wanted to add a scene at the end where the final fortune flies into camera and says, “Life is Fragile.” I think that would have rounded out the story better and not left things quite so abrupt. 

I really enjoyed making this film. My principle actor Clay, was a blast to work with and I think he really carries the story. I also never intended to be in the film myself, but my group rather insisted I cameo in it as one of our secondary actors. 

I learned that acting and directing together is a LOT of fun but also a ton of work too.