Lantern in the Day

I really liked the angle and composition of this shot. I love the fairly shallow depth of field.  The light was actually quite harsh so I had to bracket this shoot in order to draw the colors back out of it. I love the leading lines and how our eyes are drawn to the lantern.

Watch Your Back

I enjoyed playing with the colors here. I love how my character here is centered but his arm and gun draw our eyes out along the lower third as well. I also love the detail in his shirt.


I love the deep depth of field here and how the door way at the very end is aligned the right way while the other two doorways are off due to the tilt of the old home.

Desolation of Hotel Meade

The clouds were just epic in this shot and I loved the try to the side on the third. Had to bracket this shot as well as the light was so bright and harsh.

Target Sighted

I like this photo for the feeling of tension that it creates. Where is he aiming? (or at who?) We don’t know and I like that.