Experience Yellowstone

A Documentary

The Documentary

With 10 trips to film at Yellowstone, I created a 7:30 minute film about the national park. Soon to be released is the extended full length version. I created this in early summer of 2020, which was a unique time for the park. With so many closures due to the pandemic, the park had minimal crowds. This allowed for easier access to locations, more active wildlife, and more time to talk with park rangers.

Enjoy the following clips from this documentary about this extraordinary time in one of the most extraordinary places on earth.


The Bears


Read About Filming

Filming is Wrapped!

After many weekends of driving to and fro between Rexburg, ID and Yellowstone National Park, I can officially say, "That's a wrap!" It's been a long month of filming and now the fun part of editing begins. I have a lot to do still but the light is now at the end of...

Starting to Film!

This last weekend I officially began filming. Unfortunately I had some battery problems and my time I had to film was cut short but I am planning to return to Yellowstone this next weekend with more gear, and more planned. I've been checking the weather a lot in hopes...

Camping Trip and Filming

It's almost film time! I'm excited to get things officially on the way. I've been talking things over with my wife and we decided that with the country tentatively opening up, we would go camping near Yellowstone and I would start my filming there. As my documentary...

Starting Out

Well, I've officially begun pre-production planning on my Documentary. I've decided on a performative nature doc, highlighting the natural parks and public areas accessible within 100 miles of Rexburg. (Basically, I'm tired of people saying that Rexburg has nothing to...