Erin Falling (kinda)

This first picture was my most creative, in my opinion. I bracketed both shots (with and without Erin) and then in post I combined my final two images and masked out the barrel that Erin was actually laying against. Took a little time but I think it turned out fairly decent.

Close Up with a Chair

This was my abstract picture and I really loved getting in close to this chair and taking a look at it in a way not many people probably took the time to do. I enjoyed the shallow depth of field and the details I got out of the dried leathery cushion.

Ghostly Tunes

This was a simple shot of Erin playing the piano. I used a shutter speed of a few seconds and then had her remove her hand to create the ghosting effect.

Bourbon Won’t Change Her Mind

This image tells the most story by far (which was of course the whole point of this picture) but I really think that the title really brings this pictures story to an emotional level. That, and the color trickery I applied here to make the ring stand out.

Hydration Marketing

Hydrate. We all should do it, now I have an “ad” that talks a bout it too. I’m glad we have water that is safe enough to drink today. This was a simple picture but I think that it works. Perhaps this is not the most exciting prop, but I wanted to use something that would have connected to two different time and something to drink out of is a good equalizer of the times.