Zion Health Is For Animated Assets

Using Animation on Adverts

For this campaign, I had created a lot of assets that were flat graphics. I wanted to add some movement to some of the assets on Pinterest to help draw attention to our ads. I took my assets from Illustrator and put them into After Effects to animate.

Zion Health First Friday Event

First Friday at the Red Cliffs Mall

Zion Health with our sister company, Omni, had a booth at the First Friday event at the Red Cliffs Mall. Wanting to expand local outreach, we had a booth with cornhole, prizes, and lots of informational handouts. Along with helping design some of the assets, such as banners and business cards, I was able to go and take photographs of the event. I used these photographs later on for a post on LinkedIn.


Zion Health Highlight Stories

Highlights for Social Media

There was a time while I was working for Zion Health under Planstin Administration when the brand management team didn’t have a graphic designer. As I had the skill set, I was asked to make graphics for the team for 4 months until we were able to hire a new designer. In that time, I created highlight stories for our social media. These highlights were pinned to our bio on Instagram. I was asked to pick a few topics from our most frequently asked questions and design stories with all the information one would need on that topic. I created stories to highlight maternity care and pre-existing conditions. The maternity care highlight included 22 slides and the pre-existing conditions included 8.


Maternity Care


Pre-Existing Conditions

Mangum Family

Mangum Family Photoshoot

I love the times when I get to go out with a family and capture the time they are in. With the Mangum’s they wanted pictures that would help them remember the personalities of their young kids. They ask for very minimal editing of the wild hairs and bruises on their kids. We went to two locations and shot in many ways. There is such a joy I get when trying to have children smile and look at the camera for pictures. This family had a 1 year-old, 2 year-old, and 4 year-old. The 2 year-old didn’t want any pictures taken of her at first, but really opened up towards the end of the shoot. One of my favorite pictures is the 3 girls all holding flowers. The flowers they got to pick for smiling really well in their individual shots.


Company Portraits

Zion Health Company Portraits

At Zion Health I held a company portrait day in which we photographed over 50 people. There was also a make up day for anyone who missed the original photo day or wanted their picture retaken. I had a set up in our studio with a black background and three point lighting. After I had photographed the employees, I took each photo to Photoshop and made edits.

These photos were used in the company directory.

Austin Riley Miller

Austin Riley Miller

About Me

I graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho with a Bachelor’s of Science in Communication (emphasizing in Video Production) in early Spring 2021 after completing an internship with a place called Marketing Elevated. Since then I have been working in Saint George, UT as an in-house videographer and motion graphics animator.

I have been working with video and radio for over a decade and have experience dating back to my high school days and earlier. I also have five years of experience with graphic design, photography, and motion graphics.


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