Lantern on a Barrel

I feel that of the many pictures that I took at Bannack Ghost Town, this one was the best. There is something about the way the log cabin’s lines lead to the old lantern that looks super appealing. I love that we can see the textures in the lantern, barrel and cabin so clearly. I had to bracket this shot to get the nice colors in the sky and hill without it being blown out and too bright. I really feel that the composition of this shot makes it a real winner.

Close up of a Flower

Macro photography is fun for the details and I really felt the droplets of water on this flower make it simply stellar. I love the sheer number of droplets on the flower and how crips the focus is on the upper petal. I love the color of the background and how the other flowers seem to frame the whole shot.

Kiwi Wants Attention

This was the shot I decided to go with for our 8X12 print. I think the Kiwi almost displays emotion of wanting to be seen. I think the composure of this shot is stellar and that the strawberries and blueberries in the background frame this shot perfectly. I love the vivid green of the kiwi and how the hair on the fruit is easily seen.

Vincent Tools

I think of all my photos, this is the most moody. I like that. It is a very different feel from many of my photographs but I love the bokeh that I achieved with this shot. I love the detail in the metal and the clear “Vincent” that we can see. I think the way the tools are placed adds to the strength of this shot as well. I feel that this is a unique angle of these tools and a rare look into the store and wares of a little building in Bannack Ghost Town.

Pleased to Fight

This is the only portrait that I accepted into my top five. I think I love this portrait because of the slight smile that I captured in this shot. The models at Bannack rarely smiled for the photographs and so this seemed to me, a unique shot. I loved the lighting and how his face is evenly lit and how the building behind him frames him in without being too distracting (I am glad that I used a shallower depth of field for this shot). All in all, I really like this portrait.