The Classes of Dungeons & Dragons

This project was an attempt to bring to life some of the classes of Dungeons & Dragons. For this post I have finished 5 of the classes which include the Barbarian, Bard, Fighter, Rogue, and Ranger.

A Barbarian stands raging in the sunset.
A rogue broods over his dark past.
The bard recounts the stories of old.
The Ranger looks over the forrest and his prey.
The Fighter stares down his enemy.

Overall I have been happy with the way that these backlit images contrast to their backgrounds. It’s something a little out of the box and shows that the classes of Dungeons & Dragons can be assumed by any person and that what they were before the game doesn’t matter. In Dungeons & Dragons, creativity is key, and so I wanted to do something a bit different with this project to showcase some of that creativity. Hopefully, most any Dungeons & Dragons player would think that I nailed the look of most of these classes in their simplest forms.