Gemmy Blow Up Product Photography

Halloween is my wife’s favorite holiday. It baffles me because she doesn’t do spooky in the slightest. But it leads to a lot of fun decorations and interesting holiday treats.

Gemmy has blow ups that we love to use in the holiday seasons. I decided to photography a Halloween product in her honor.

I shot this product on a really sunny day, but in post went in and made the background dark to give it a spooky Halloween feeling.

Gemmy Product Photography
The logo in this photograph is used for educational purposed only, not for commercial use.

Keurig Product Photography

My mother loves making hot chocolate. She also has a habit of forgetting she made hot chocolate. This gave me the idea for a product shot.

I set up a colorful mug and made hot chocolate with the Keurig. I wanted the button to be the focus of the shot as it has the product’s name on it. In post I balanced the reflections of the lights. I also made the mug a little more out of focus to help draw the eyes of the viewer up to the button.

Keurig Product Photography

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