Fashion Accessories

While I may not have the most comfort with such things as women’s fashion, I do enjoy fashion accessories photography. Fashion Accessories Photography is basically just that, taking photos of different accessories such as shoes and the like. For my series on fashion accessories photography, I focused on a unique angle to showcase some Converse shoes that a classmate was wearing. The lighting was great and seemed perfect. Fashion Accessories Photography is an important part of a photographer’s resume and while I don’t anticipate working in that particular aspect of photography Fashion Accessories Photography is still fun and useful for a lot of other things as well.

Location in Fashion Photography

Sometimes being on Location you focus on the subject you bring with you. But there are a lot of times where the location can be an even more interesting subject to shoot. Location is important and while on the fashion shoots I particularly enjoyed the barn we were shooting at, it was a prime example of why location matters.

Locations can vary, and sometimes they are not the focus of shoots, but sometimes, I really like taking a moment to appreciate my surroundings. Locations such as a weathered barn make for great shots like this one of the wreath, that oftentimes people overlook.

Need ideas for locations for your fashion photo shoot? Here is a great resource.