This was a fun project for me. Being creative is actually pretty straight-forward for me. I wanted to make a fun gig poster for the fictional band “Llamas on Strike”. I was really feeling in the mood for a kick the door down rock-n-roll that had a beat that makes you want to dance. I think the song that most inspired this was “Blitzkrieg Bop” by the Ramones. The hard line drums and guitar that feel so full of stick-it-to-the-man vibes that I felt inclined to make a gig poster that somewhat mimicked the art of World War II propaganda. I did a lot of research about World War II during this project and listened to lots of 80’s rock. I was fascinated by the different planes used throughout the war and I knew generally the type of bomber that I wanted for my poster. As I did my digging, I discovered the B-52 Mitchell bomber which was an American plane that first had combat use on the legendary Doolittle’s Raid. This was the bomber that I wanted to use so I did a lot of sketches to get some of the details right on this plane (such as the two rectangular tail fins). I loved the Idea also, of dropping guitars instead of bombs because I wanted the music to be my “instrument of war”.

Choosing a guitar for my “bombs” was a lot trickier than a plane. As you can see, I had a lot of different types of body for my guitars. I decided on the “flying V” body type in the end because let’s be honest, It really looked the coolest of all the types.